Life Project at the “Water in the landscape” conference

Life Project at the “Water in the landscape” conference

On 29 October 2019, the 8th conference on the implementation of the European Landscape Convention entitled “Water in the landscape” was held in Warsaw, with increasing climate changes as its general theme.

The event organized by the General Directorate for Environmental Protection was attended by representatives of government institutions, local governments, scientific and research institutions, as well as representatives of the Świętokrzyskie and Nadnidziańskie Landscape Parks Complex.

The Friday’s conference was inaugurated by the lecture entitled “Regional diversity of landscapes according to water resources”. Wojciech Sołtysiak, LIFE17 NAT/PL/000018 Project Manager, talked about “Renaturalization of the Inland Delta of the Nida River”.

The participants of the event, including the representatives of the ZŚiNPK, had the opportunity to learn the latest scientific reports on the meaning and significance of natural retention. It is worth noting that this is an important issue related to the implementation of hydrological measures in our project. The planned measures to improve the hydrological conditions of the Nida delta are aimed at restoring the natural morphology of oxbow lakes and eutrophic reservoirs. The planned effect of the project’s measures will be natural water retention on the meadows of the Nida river.

The knowledge gained and the opportunity to learn about the effects of LIFE projects implemented in Poland will enable us to carry out our project activities more effectively.