Nidarium is almost ready. It will be a great place for the green schools.

Nidarium is almost ready. It will be a great place for the green schools.

Located among meadows on the Nida River itself, the Centre for Nature Education is to become a unique place where children from all over Poland will learn about the wealth of fauna and flora of Ponidzie. The investment of the Complex of Swietokrzyskie and Nadnidziański Landscape Parks is almost ready. Finishing works are currently underway. The Nida is one of the fishiest rivers in Poland. There are 41 species of fish living here. These include pike, zander, perch and stickleback.

The stickleback is building a nest and there the dad is taking care of the offspring. This is unprecedented in the natural world – emphasizes Dariusz Wiech from the Complex of Świętokrzyskie and Nadnidziański Landscape Parks.

However, the waters of Ponidzie abound in numerous amphibians and are very important for the river ecosystem of the protected thick shelled river mussel Now naturalists want to open this rich flora in the built Nidarium.

– We have an accurately reproduced excerpt. Fish and plants will behave naturally here, and this will allow you to observe them closely. This will later contribute to their better protection – added Dariusz Wiech.

Nidarium will be one of the attractions of the Natural Education Center in Umianowice, where guest rooms, a new narrow-gauge railroad station and bird observation tower are ready.

– There are technical facilities where there will be animals such as cows, chickens and goats, says Monika Gładki of the Świętokrzyskie and Nadnidziański Landscape Parks Complex.

The Education Center is designed to serve children from across the country. The very location of the center, which is located in the heart of Ponidzie, provides opportunities to conduct a large number of lessons outdoors. Among other things, “green schools” will be organized here.

– There will also be workshops that will require an overnight stay, leaving early in the morning for the delta area. It will be possible to show how this delta actually wakes up. It is well known that children have a great deficit of encounters with nature – said Wojciech Sołtysiak from the Complex of Swietokrzyskie and Nadnidziański Landscape Parks.

Finishing works at the center will continue through June. Children will be able to use the first classes starting in September.

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