Workshops in Ponidzie

Workshops in Ponidzie

As part of the project “Renaturalization of the central delta of the Nida River” we have started a series of educational workshops, which were attended by children and young people from the John Paul II Local Government Primary School in Brześć, the Caritas “Pod Aniołem” Community Center in Kielce and scouts from the 28 BDW “Żywioły” rally troop at the Kazimierz Cultural Center.

The first part of the classes was conducted on the project site, in the village of Umianowice. The students conducted field ornithological observations, where they had a chance to see, among others, a black stork and a pair of western marsh harriers. At the same time, the second group of workshop participants was getting acquainted with the fauna and flora of the Nida River and the species threatening them.

The workshops were made more attractive by the representatives of “St. Hubert” Hunting Circle No. 2 from Pińczów, who, with the help of children, released a game bird species – a pheasant, to the local environment.

The second part of the workshops was carried out on the premises of the ZŚiNPK in Krzyżanowice Średnie, where the younger participants prepared bands with images of a bird under active protection under the project – a white stork, while the older ones took part in a field game – a quest, whose aim was to familiarize the participants with the principles of the project.

We hope that we managed to present the assumptions of the project and issues related to nature and landscape protection in an interesting way!


fot. Dariusz Wiech, Magdalena Bieńka-Michalik, Kamila Mazur