Great celebration of the little turtle !!!

Great celebration of the little turtle !!!

Although Turtle Day is celebrated in May, we are celebrating today !!! One year ago, in the seat of the Complex of Swietokrzyskie and Nadnidziańskie Landscape Parks, an extremely rare in Poland pond turtle took up residence.

Although everyone associates a turtle with a very slow animal, many of you would be surprised how fast and agile this predator is! Pond turtles feed mainly on insects, amphibians and fish, and are comfortable both on land and in water. They live in small lakes, ponds and oxbows and like all reptiles love the sun.Our pet plays a very important role during the annual educational workshops carried out by the LIFE project. Class participants have the opportunity to learn something about the biology of this unusual reptile and, of course, watch it live.

All interested are invited to the classes where, in addition to the turtle on the delta, birds, newts, toads and many other animals await you.

Watch us carefully maybe soon our turtle family will grow…..!!!

Text: Kamila Mazur