Educational workshops as part of the LIFE13 / NAT / PL / 000009 project in Siemczyno.

Educational workshops as part of the LIFE13 / NAT / PL / 000009 project in Siemczyno.

On November 25-26, 2021. in Siemczyno, we had the pleasure to participate in a workshop carried out as part of the LIFE13 NAT / PL / 000009 project “Active protection of river water-crowfoot habitats and clearing the ecological bed of the Drawa river basin in Poland”.

The project has been running since 2014. in the area of the following Natura 2000 habitat refuges: PLH 320039 Jeziora Czaplineckie, PLH 320003 Dolina Grabowej, PLH 320023 Lubie Lake and Dolina Drawy, PLH 320046 Festive Puszczy Drawskiej and PLH 320022 Dolina Radwia, Chociela and Chotla. The main objective of the above-mentioned project is to protect the habitat of lowland and submontane rivers with communities of ranunculion fluitantis and protected species of fish: salmon (Salmo salar), white-finned bullhead (Cottus gobio), goats (Cobitis taenia) and river lamprey (Lampetra fluviatilis) .

On the first day, we had the opportunity to see the effects of activities carried out on the Drawa river, consisting in making the rivers easier for fish migration by building a natural-like circulation channel in Głęboczek, a bottom ramp in Złocieniec and a fish pass at the SHP in Drawsko. In the afternoon part, we listened to presentations on good practices in river maintenance works, the effects of the implementation of individual activities in the project and the results of their monitoring.

On the second day of the workshop, we took part in a field session, during which the organizers presented the results of active activities consisting in clearing rivers and arranging gravel-bottom parts as spawning grounds for reolithophilic species on the Korytnica, Drawa and Sówka rivers. During the field workshops, we could observe the renatured sections of the river with theRiver water-crowfoot (Batrachium fluitans) and knotweed (Groenlandia densa).

Participation in the workshops allowed us to exchange experiences and obtain answers and solutions to some problematic issues related to the restoration of rivers. It also made it possible to establish new contacts and relationships with people dealing with similar topics.

Below is a photo report from the workshop.

Photos: RDOŚ Szczecin, Piotr Wilk and Dariusz Wiech.