Flora of the delta – water mint.

Flora of the delta – water mint.

Today we return to the Flora of the Delta series. We will introduce you to Water Mint Latin. Mentha aquatica.

It is a perennial plant that grows up to 80 cm tall. In the habitat, it is one of the most quickly recognized due to its distinctive odor. The essential oils extracted from it are commonly used in cosmetics and food industry.

Water mint is found throughout Poland, but it is most commonly found in the lowlands. The very name of the plant informs us that its typical habitat is the wet banks of rivers and lakes. Today, this plant has become popular with allotment and pond owners. It’s easy in cultivation and doesn’t require any special cultivation procedures. It likes shaded positions and can tolerate even the hardest winters. It is one of the first plants to begin growing in late winter and spring. By planting mint near the house, we can enjoy the greenery during the first spring and sunny days.

Its characteristic strong minty fragrance, with a light note of lemon or lime, has a refreshing and soothing effect. An additional reason why it is worth growing this species by your own pond is that its scent repels uninvited guests – mosquitoes.

This mint can be planted directly into the substrate or into large containers to reduce root growth and uncontrolled spread in a limited pond area.

The plant is also suitable for planting in beds, provided that the soil is sufficiently moist. Even one-year old shoots can grow intensively, so it is worth to trim them. From July to September ball-shaped inflorescences bloom on stems, which also decorate our garden or home pond.

Text: Dariusz Wiech

Photos: Robert Pisarczyk

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