Nidarium in Umianowice almost ready. There’s already an aquarium for… 24,000 liters.

Nidarium in Umianowice almost ready. There’s already an aquarium for… 24,000 liters.

The construction of Nidarium in Umianowice is in full swing. Work is scheduled to be completed in June. A giant aquarium that will reflect the ecosystem of the Nida River is already installed.

The monstrous aquarium, which will be the main attraction of the facility, has a capacity of 24 thousand liters. – It is supposed to reflect the life in the Nida River, the longest in Świętokrzyskie. It will be biotopic in nature to reflect as accurately as possible what happens in nature. It is not easy because the Nida River is very diverse – says Dariusz Wiech, ichthyologist from the Complex of Swietokrzyskie and Nadnidziańskie Landscape Parks.

How does the main aquarium in Umianowice look like? It’s a big “U” shaped tank. One end of it shows the conditions in the Nida meander. Here the depth is not great. – In this section we can present not only animals that live in the shoreline, small fish such as bitterling and sticklebacks, but also plants,” explains Dariusz Wiech.

The main tank is five meters long and two meters high. The back wall that visitors will see is an accurate representation of the bank of the Nida River. – Thanks to its size, we will be able to observe, for example, the piscator, a fish that lays several thousand eggs and is difficult to see live because it usually buries itself in the silt. We have 41 species of fish in the Nida River. There will be 15 of these 41 in our reservoir,” adds the ichthyologist.

A net will be installed between the meander and the main tank to protect smaller fish from predators. In addition to a large aquarium, there will also be smaller ones, holding several hundred liters each. They will be used to breed amphibians and reptiles – turtles, toads and newts.

Who and what will it all be used for?

– Above all, we want to educate children and young people – says Wojciech Sołtysiak, project manager of the Świętokrzyskie and Ponidzienski Landscape Parks Complex. – As parks, we also do teaching, and often host school workshops or biology nights. It is not uncommon for the youngest to know nothing about the nature around us. This needs to change, which is why the Nidarium has 57 beds. We want green schools to visit, maybe students as well. We also plan to receive tourists for one-time visits. A large aquarium will be available for them, as well as other attractions of the facility, he adds.

Source: Echo Dnia

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