The Nida River overflowed its banks! The landscapes in Pińczów County are beautiful. See photos

The Nida River overflowed its banks! The landscapes in Pińczów County are beautiful. See photos

Rising temperatures in the last decade of January caused the rapid melting of winter snow accumulation. The Nida River has overflowed its banks in many places. The landscapes are beautiful. Although the river looks threatening, the Pinczow fire department says that, for the time being, it is safe in Pinczow and the surrounding area. The Nida overflows are welcomed by local nature researchers. Pinczow’s Local Government Cultural Center reacted instantly, and as early as Friday there will be an open-air photography workshop, the theme of which will be… water.

The Nida River overflowed its banks. There is plenty of water – at the level of Umianowice, wild floodplains several hundred metres wide have formed. In Pińczów, the riverbed resembles images known from exotic countries. – We’ve got the Amazon delta,” the inhabitants joke.

Pinczow fire department: It’s safe for now.

The Pinczow fire department says that so far it has not recorded an increased number of incidents related to water arrivals.

As of today, we have had only one intervention of this type, in Chrobrz, in the municipality of Złota, but it did not result directly from flooding by the river itself, but from flooding of premises due to rising groundwater levels. Pumping from the basement was necessary” says Junior Brigadier Marcin Żarek of the Pinczow District Fire Department.

The lack of damage is partly due to the fact that, in the past, local authorities made wise decisions and did not allow any housing on floodplains, as often happened in other areas of the country. Nida has room to soar.

“Although we have an alarm condition on the river, there is still a lot of space. We are monitoring the situation all the time, we are in contact with the crisis staff in the city,” Marcin Żarek adds.

Nature researchers: The floodplains are good for Nida

According to the Świętokrzyskie and Nadnidziańskie Landscape Parks, the cyclical flooding of the river from its bed has a salutary effect on local wildlife.

“We have always had problems with spring grass burning. Thanks to such spills, this will certainly not happen to the same extent as before. Birds are returning. We have already observed white-tailed eagles,” says Robert Pisarczyk, a Parks employee.

“This year is exceptional. There are such events on the Nida River year after year, but now it’s exceptional because the snow cover was high. The surrounding nature is sure to benefit,” says Piotr Wilk, manager of the Life4Delta project, which the Świętokrzyskie and Nadnidziańskie Landscape Parks have created to protect the unique inland Nida delta.

Photography fans in Pińczow rub their hands

Photography enthusiasts rejoice at the unique phenomenon. The Pińczow Local Government Cultural Center decided to take advantage of the situation.

On Friday, February 2, the public is invited to an open-air photography session. The theme is “The beauty of the elements – water” . We meet at 4 pm at the bus station in Pińczow,” invites Iwona Senderowska, director of the institution.


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