TVP3 Kielce about the LIFE project

TVP3 Kielce about the LIFE project

They stand face to face with the European pond turtle, get to know the birds living on the Nida River, and learn how the mussels filter the water in the river. A series of educational workshops “In the bosom of nature” has started in Ponidzie. This is a foretaste of what will be offered by the Nature Education Center in Umianowice in spring.
Binoculars, a handy atlas of birds for this workbook and a pencil. This is enough to try your hand at being a young ornithologist.

There are many birds on the Nida River. Those nesting and those that stop here for a while. In total, there are about 160 species. Including very rare birds of prey. – The greatest curiosity is the white-tailed eagle, and various species of harrier, for example the marsh harrier, but also the harrier, is such a phenomenon, says Marcin Słoma from the Świętokrzyski Landscape Park.

Today the employees of the Świętokrzyskie and Nadnidziańskie Landscape Parks took the youngest to look for natural specimens. During the classes, young people also learn about the species of animals that inhabit the river and how important they are for the environment.

Free educational activities are part of the extensive Life For Delta program. Its task is, among other things, to restore the unique natural values of Ponidzie. The breeding of some amphibian and crustacean species has already begun.

Scientists are also working to ensure that the pond turtle returns to Nida. And all the animals living in Ponidzie can be seen soon at the Nature Education Center in Umianowice. Its construction has begun in 2019. Finishing works are currently underway. – This autumn we should finish these works, We will probably start with the educational offer in the spring of next year – says Tomasz Hałatkiewicz, director of the Świętokrzyskie Landscape Parks.

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