World Bird Day

World Bird Day

Ponidzie has been classified as an Important Bird Area (IBA) on an international scale.

It is a refuge of international rank in the Natura 2000 system. The Nida River Delta in Umianowice can “boast” the occurrence of 110 bird species, 88 of which belong to the breeding or probably breeding fauna, and 13 of the found species are listed in the Annex. I of the EU Birds Directive. Seven breeding species are listed in the Red List of Threatened and Endangered Animals in Poland, these are: bittern, white-tailed eagle, corncrake, curlew, quail, hoopoe and turtle dove. Two species, the black-tailed godwit and the great curlew, are listed on the IUCN global list as near threatened and rapidly declining in numbers.

That is why we, the Life4delta team, are doing our best to improve the habitat conditions in the Delta and save this valuable area so that in the future this and similar holidays will not be just a sad memory of the past. So please dress appropriately, equip yourself for a field trip, and we will be happy to share our knowledge.

Text: Marcin Słoma.

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