World water day.

World water day.

World Water Day 2022 falls on March 22. Its theme this year is “Climate Change. Looking at Life4delta ‘s theme, you could say that today is our namesake! So wish us every success – why? Because it’s our project that brings together actions that locally save as much water as possible. From such bricks in global terms, a real work of water conservation is created.

Everyone is very familiar with the concept of drought. Water scarcity has affected everyone who has a home lawn, garden or is a large-scale food producer. Water is needed at every stage of the economy and this topic does not even need to be duplicated because you will find it in every search engine.

Our operations are a series of works undertaken to retain as much water as possible where precipitation has fallen and where watercourses flow through. On an area of nearly 400 hectares, within the Life4delta project, we have been conducting water runoff reduction and retention enhancement activities for more than three years. Through the conservation of watercourses, we have connected sections of rivers deprived of water flow by restoring their beds as habitat for aquatic plants and animals. With properly planned drainage treatments, we directed the water that was irretrievably draining from the Ponidzie area to the areas of marshes and oxbow lakes of the Umianowice delta. Thanks to the maintenance of the dams, we will be able to retain water during periods of drought to recreate the marshes and floodplains created over thousands of years by the meandering Nida River.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us. We intend to carry out conservation of floodplains and oxbow lakes to increase their water capacity and restore conditions for wintering fish and pond turtles. We will carry out conservation of the Old Nida riverbed in the currently closed section, thanks to which the artery giving biological life to vanishing and valuable areas will be restored.

The improvement of water conditions also means the improvement of the local microclimate. Reducing the effects of drought and the life-destroying wildfires that come with it. Wish us luck, because we have the desire and enthusiasm to work.

Text: Andrzej Łukasik

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