A visit by biologists from Greece.

A visit by biologists from Greece.

Between March 13 and 16, 2024, at the Nature Education Center in Umianowice, we had the honor of hosting two Greek freshwater biologists – Dr. Ioannis Karaouzas and Yiannis Kapakos of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters

The main aim of the visit was to gain knowledge of freshwater mussel farming techniques, with a particular focus on the thick-shelled river mussel (Unio crassus). The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss the possibility of replicating our activities on Greek rivers.

During the stay, we presented the results of the Life4delta project, with particular emphasis on the technical solutions of the mussel breeding systems and the methodology behind the reintroduction success of this species, implemented by our Co-Beneficiary – the Institute of Nature Conservation of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Krakow. We also visited the natural habitat of mussels on the Warkocz River. We also had the opportunity to learn about ways to build spawning grounds, using the example of the work done by the PZW [Polish Angling Association] District in Kielce and WWF Poland on the Wierna River.

The field observations contributed to discussions on the possibility of transferring our project solutions to Greece and were also an opportunity to discuss future cooperation in the development of new LIFE projects based on the joint Polish-Greek experience.

We thank our Greek colleagues for their time and commitment. We look forward to continued cooperation and are confident that this study visit will benefit the conservation of freshwater mussels in Europe.

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