Another edition of the campaign Monitoring stork nests.

Another edition of the campaign Monitoring stork nests.

Spring will soon be upon us. With it, the first flowers will bloom and greenery will appear on the trees, amphibians will awaken, and birds will look for places to breed. Some of them will return to the country after a long break. Once again it will be possible to see cranes, swallows and, of course, storks. You can observe the latter through nature activities at school, with friends or individually. Similar to the previous year, we encourage all educational institutions to join the monitoring of white stork nests with the help of our website and a form that can be systematically filled out. Involved schools will have a greater chance to join workshops organized under the LIFE4DELTA project.

Schools that join the monitoring of white stork nests will participate in the drawing of a prize, i.e. a one-day workshop at the Nature Education Center in Umianowice. The rules are very simple, you should:

    1. Go to our website and download the monitoring form.
    2. Take the class and collectively watch the white storks from the moment they arrive until they depart around August 15. Observations can be carried out collectively or in smaller groups.
    3. Send the completed form to us at:
    4. In the second week of September, establishments that have sent in correctly completed monitoring will take part in a lottery.
    5. Two schools that are lucky will be invited to a nature workshop organized in November 2024 for a group of about 50 people. In addition, we will provide food during the meeting

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