Another patrol at the Life4delta project site.

Another patrol at the Life4delta project site.

On August 23, another nature patrol took place around the Life4Delta project area. It was attended by project staff and invited guests: the President of the Polish Angling Association “Małża” and the President of the Św. Hubert hunting club. .

Within the framework of cooperation with hunting club no. 2 the location of the licks and feeders near the educational paths designed by ZŚiNPK at the Nature Education Center in Umianowice has been determined. Thanks to the feeders, children taking part in educational workshops will be able to observe representatives of wildlife occurring in the delta, such as roe deer, deer, pheasants, partridges and maybe even moose.

The president of the hunting club also agreed to participate in lectures designed for children and young people.

In total, the patrol passed through the following points :

1. the location of the raft assembly on the Smuga Umianowicka

2. culvert next to pasture for Polish horses

3. european fire-bellied toad

4. pond for snails

No abnormalities were found during the roundup and the next such action is going to take place next month.