Earth Day

Earth Day

For several years, Earth Day has become one of the most important holidays known especially by younger generations participating in various actions, such as cleaning, during which the organizers want to make citizens aware of the fragile nature of our planet’s ecosystem.

Today, we celebrated nearly 6,000 by rooting. trees and shrubs of native species such as: black poplar, white poplar, guelder rose, common euonymus, bird cherry, black currant, red currant and elderberry. The material obtained last autumn will be used to recreate a fragment of the riparian forest in the area of our project.

Riparian forests are called the richest terrestrial ecosystem, and naturalists also refer to them as native rainforests. Increasing their acreage fits perfectly into the action of protecting our planet. Riparian forests take up compounds such as nitrogen, phosphorus, pesticide residues from agricultural production and carbon dioxide, thus contributing to the cleaning process. A large amount of biomass contributes to the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.

The natural value of riparian forests is also evidenced by the fact that it is a habitat inhabited by over 40% of birds found in our country. There are many other representatives of native fauna and flora here.


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