The e-workshop is over

The e-workshop is over

On 9-10.12.2020, a two-day e-workshop entitled “Ecological education in the modern school” took place. The meeting was attended by over 40 teachers from 10 educational institutions from all over the Świętokrzyskie voivodeship.

Our specialists raised the issues related to implementation of the project, presented the objectives and tasks of the project and touched upon the profiles of several species protected under the project, among others: the pond turtle, the crested newt and the fire-bellied toad.

Beata Bętkowska – education specialist, and Kamila Mazur – nature conservation specialist, discussed the presentation entitled “The only such reptile in Poland – a few words about the pond turtle”, while Dariusz Wiech, a specialist in the field of protection of aquatic organisms, gave a presentation on “The unique nature of Ponidzie – the fauna in the Nida River delta”.

The workshop was also attended by the employees of the ZŚiNPK from the Education Team: Magdalena Bieńka – Michalik, who discussed “Educational activities in Landscape Parks – news and planned tasks”, and Eliza Hłasko, who acquainted participants with a presentation titled “Time to go to the forest – or environmental education in school”.

We would like to thank everyone and invite you to participate in next year’s workshops!